World Challenge Cup 2015 Osijek (CRO) 2015 Sep 17-20

World Challenge Cup 2015
Grand prix Osijek 2015 Zito Challenge Cup
Osijek (CRO) 2015 Sep 17-20

Results Apparatus Finals Men Sunday

Results Apparatus Finals MAG Rings
Results Apparatus Finals MAG Vault
Results Apparatus Finals MAG Horizontal Bar

Results Apparatus Finals Women Sunday

Results Apparatus Finals WAG Beam
Results Apparatus Finals WAG Floor Exercise

Results Apparatus Finals Men Saturday

Results Apparatus Final MAG Floor Exercise
Results Apparatus Final MAG Pommel Horse
Results Apparatus Final MAG Parallel Bars

Results Apparatus Finals Women Thursday

Results Apparatus Final WAG Vault
Results Apparatus Final WAG Uneven Bars

Results Qualification Men Friday

Results Qualification MAG Rings
Results Qualification MAG Vault
Results Qualification MAG Horizontal Bar

Results Qualification Women Friday

Results Qualification WAG Beam
Results Qualification WAG Floor Exercise

Results Qualification Men Thursday

Results Qualification MAG Floor Exercise
Results Qualification MAG Pommel Horse
Results Qualification MAG Parallel Bars

Results Qualification Women Thursday

Results Qualification WAG Vault
Results Qualification WAG Uneven Bars

Start Lists Qualification

Start List MAG Thursday
Start List WAG Thursday
Start List MAG Friday
Start List WAG Friday

World Challenge Cup 2015 Osijek (CRO) 2015 Sep 17-20

Nominative Registration


Wednesday September 16


Arrival/official training
Orientation meeting

Thursday September 17
Warm up
Qualification I MAG and WAG (MAG 3 + WAG 2)

Friday September 18
Warm up
Qualification II MAG and WAG (MAG 3 + WAG 2)

Saturday September 19
Finals I MAG and WAG (MAG 3 + WAG 2)

Sunday September 20
Finals II MAG and WAG (MAG 3 + WAG 2)

Monday September 21

 Gymnastics Results
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